Make It Easier To Delete Notifications

I now have 8 WyzeCams in 2 locations and I love them all. I get numerous notifications every day from insects local sirens etc. It is a real pain to delete them all.

How about modifying the app to allow me to move any notification to the trash by swiping it on the list. Another alternative is to allow me to select a box on any notification in the list (or many of them) and then hit delete or send to trash for all the checked items.

If you tap the Edit button at the top left of the Notification page, a little green circle will appear to the left of each alert. Tap the circle to select and then tap the Delete button lower right. Or tap the Select All button lower left and then delete.

But I would ask…why even worry about deleting them? They don’t take up any space unless you download them and they will automatically be deleted when they become 15 days old.