Make AI Submission Prompt Persistent When Swiping Between Videos

When you submit a video to Wyze AI then swipe to the next video, the prompt at the bottom for submitting the video to Wyze AI is not available on videos after the first. Instead, you have to go back to the Events list and tap on the next video to get the prompt again. It would be a lot easier to submit multiple videos if you could submit one, swipe to the next video, then submit that video, etc.

[Mod Note]: Your request was moved to this category since it involves a software bug and not a request for a new Product or Service enhancement by Wyze.


I verified that this is a software bug under the iOS version of the Wyze app. I don’t see this issue under Android. Please submit a log and post the Log ID here. This should also be reported in next week’s Fix-It Friday for visibility.


I think I’ve been experiencing this for quite some time . You submit the feedback and swipe to the next event and the pop up at the bottom of the screen will disappear when the video loads . Happens a lot, so annoying


Log ID: 725649

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Not seeing this problem on iOS. App version 2.35.0 (b9), iOS version 15.6.1 on a @#$%^& iPhone 8

Interesting. I experienced it on iOS 15 and 16 with different app versions including current app 2.34.1 (1) and on iPhone 12 Pro.