When submitting videos, app reverts selection to Person

When I try to submit videos to Wyze AI, and I deselect Person and select the proper identification, the app removes my selection and reverts back to Person. It seems that deleting and reinstalling the app helps for maybe a week, then it starts changing my selection again.

Multiple app versions, including latest.
iOS 15 and iOS 16
iPhone 12 Pro
Log ID: 725649


When you click on submit results is that when it changes back to person ?

I have noticed this for quite some time , clearing app cache helps a lil bit it still persists

No. When you try to correct an event tagged Person, selecting something other than Person reverts back to Person. You can’t submit something other than Person because the app won’t let you.

I am unable to reproduce this issue under any iOS app version and iOS version, but the OP’s video is clear evidence of a valid issue.

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Oh yes i have experienced this on IOS from time to time .

I seem to experience the issue where when I submit the correct feedback to a false labeled event it’ll automatically revert it back to the original tag .