Cannot Swipe Events

With the upgrade to the new Wyze app I noticed that I cannot just swipe to the next event (used to be called notifications) when viewing events through the Events tab. Now you have to exit the viewing of one and select the next one and frequently you end up having to page down again to find it. I’m hoping that this is inadvertent because it really sped up viewing of events.


See this:

Ahhhh, if you are viewing the video in portrait mode and swipe below the video (on the white part) it does move to the next/previous video. Swiping on the video itself doesn’t move to another event. However, if you are viewing full screen it doesn’t work at all since there is no white part.

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I can’t replicate this on iPhone, so I’m guessing it’s an Android problem. Please submit a support ticket so the techs can be more aware of the issue.

No, it’s iPhone. When you go to view an alert from the push notification, you can no longer swipe in full screen. In the old app, I would select the oldest push notification, view it and swipe right to view the newer one until I was caught up. No more. If you bypass the push notification and go to Events and select the alert, view in full screen, the swipe works. Also, I have alerts that say they are my front door, but when I go to view it, it’s something from my basement cam. Yea… QC.

That is correct. Swiping to the next video no longer works in full-screen. This was something I brought up a while ago while testing, and it turns out it was a trade-off to allow zoom in full -screen mode. I’m not sure if they’re trying to figure out how to have both functions available in full-screen.

Single tapping or swiping doesn’t do anything right now, full screen mode or not, on the actual video. Double tapping zooms.

It used to work well when swiping the actual video in full screen or not. I can live with how they’ve implemented it now but I’m not sure there is an actual reason.

That’s strange, because I can both double tap to zoom in/out and swipe between cloud clips in full screen on iPhone. I’m accessing the first one via he Events tab, not a notification.

I don’t have notifications on, so I’ll have to test from there later.

EDIT: okay, just tested and I concur… on iPhone, if I go to the event by tapping an iOS notification, I cannot swipe between events in either part or full screen. However, if I open the same event from Events tab, I am able to swipe in both orientations.


I’m on Android and I’m talking about the Events tab.

It was Li or Tao that told me this, but it was a few months ago, and I can’t find the original thread. It might have been just on Android.

If I open an event from Events tab, I am not able to swipe in full screen .
In portrait mode I have to swipe with my finger at the bottom of the Video for it to work.
On Android v8

Yes, from all the comments, that aspect seems limited to Android, not iOS.

So maybe I missed it but why are we not able to swipe from camera to camera? Like looking at camera 1 then swiping to camera 2 without having to go back to dashboard. I just figured out the swipe events just be for reading this post but wandering if I missing other.

Also on Android full screen you can swipe but it changes it back to regular screen of which is sideways and will not swipe until you turn phone to regular position then back to full screen position. Querky.

Probably off track for this thread, but there are numerous flow issues like you describe. It’s very “clunky” to move around the app going from event video to live stream, camera to camera, event notice to SD playback, etc. I can’t imagine actually trying to track a prowler moving from camera to camera. Where people are using these to monitor their property and protect their family, the focus seems to be more on something else like using them for CatCams. One I gave for Christmas will be used for a CatCam and they will probably be perfectly happy with the app.

Sorry kind of figured that it fit since it was about swiping through events. I know that mine wasn’t totally about swiping through vents but it was to do with swiping? I don’t know if you instantly responded right after I posted but I went back and edit it and added a few things. Like when swiping through events in full screen it takes you back to regular screen. I made a screen video to kind of show it but not really sure where to share that or if it should even be shared on here or sent to the app dev. I think mine are used more for dog cams than cat cams. They’re really have any in the house besides one that looks at two doors whenever we’re gone. Every once in awhile there’ll be a commotion that I have to find on the indoor camera to figure out who fell off of what while we were gone. Dogs are outside cats are inside. I would hate to see my house after my big dogs were in it alone. Have found a toy yet that my dog cannot destroy so I can imagine what my house would look like.

Hi, we made this change intentionally. In V1.5 we allowed swiping when you view an video directly from a notification. However it was a guess which could be wrong. We load video list in batches (20 in a batch). If you click on a video which is a while ago, it is very hard for us to let you navigate to the previous or next one. Another unknown is that we don’t know what it means for the prev/next video. Is it for the same camera or all cameras.

In V1.5 we blindly loaded the first batch but it may not be correct. After a second thought we decided to not offer swiping in this scenario.



@DreadPirateRush @LouN Hi, for Android, we rewrote a big part of the video play code in V2.0. This is a bug when we implemented the ‘double tap to zoom’ feature. There was gesture conflict between double tap, zoom, and swipe. Changing the behavior in V2.0 was too risky so we decided to implement the fix in V2.1. Sorry for the short-term inconvenience! As others mentioned you can still swipe the ‘white’ space when you view in portrait mode. However you can’t swipe in landscape mode for V2.0. We will get it fixed in V2.1. Thanks!


Thanks for responding. I can live with what is there now (not being able to swipe full screen) but prefer to be able to swipe full screen mode.

Also I noticed that when swiping there seems to be an artificial limit of swipes (maybe the batch of 20 from above) before the end of the actual list of events for the day/cameras seleted. I have to go back to the list and scroll down to get more to load before I can go back to swiping. It’s more of an annoyance right now but it would be nice to be able to swipe all events from beginning to end for the day and camera(s) selected without having to go back into the list view. Thanks again.

Thanks, I can see where guessing would lead to problems.

Is this issue being resolved? It’s a bit of a pain.