Looks like this Dove knocked the little boy over on purpose

I just realized I have some double-sided sticky stuff and am going to secure the little guy once and for all.

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Goofy Dove probably tried to land on his head. The boy needs to get Combat Pay and a new fishing Pole. Or you could hire a :black_cat: security guard. :grin: :grin:

Haha yeah. Well, I did go out there and secure his little :fishing_pole_and_fish: butt to the brick, and ran the fountain cord through a hole in the brick so it wouldnt be seen. :grin: Will have to find him a new :fish: for his stick pole.

electric or barb wire is usually quite effective on doves

are these trained not to poop?

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I don’t think so. Maybe by one of the neighors, not sure. I secured the little boy yesterday, so we’ll see if he’ll get knocked over again. I had to find another brick that was dry to get it to stick.

And hope that mean old Grackle doesn’t come by again. :laughing: :laughing:

Haha. Well, since he won’t be able to knock him over (I hope) he’s welcome.