Long-Run USB Power Cords 🔌

TL;DR: From the cables I sampled, 16ft and below should work reliably for most V3 installations, with Pan Cams dropping into a gray region when their motors are used. 25ft or longer cables start dipping into the gray for V3 cameras and is dark gray for Pans. Pans are mostly in some level of trouble with ALL the tested cable lengths (you may see the camera reboot when you use the motors), especially if you additionally have an old Sense V1 Bridge plugged into an older V1 Pan Cam. [TL;DR /off]

Here is some raw data from some cables I recently purchased to test. In it, we are looking for voltages at the camera that are 4.75V or above. The V3 draws about 0.4A, so I logged what voltage the camera would see there. The V2 Pan draws about 1A when the motors are running, so I logged that voltage too. Lastly I logged the maximum amount of current you could draw if you wanted to keep the voltage at the USB minimum spec of 4.75V or above.

First, the power sources I used:

"Normal" Adapter Source:

5.10V@2.58A (Max)
5.17V@1.00A (V2 Pan)

Wasserstein Adapter Source: (only seen below under the Wasserstein cable tests, but my samples added 0.27V (V3)-0.37V (V2 Pan)-0.54V (max current) over normal adapter voltages)

5.64V@2.37A (Max)
5.54V@1.00A (V2 Pan)
5.48V@0.60A (WOC)
5.46V@0.40A (V3)

Uogw 16.4ft flat cable:

Cable #1 Cable #2
4.57V @1.00A 4.52V @1.00A (V2 Pan)
4.96V @0.40A 4.91V @0.40A (V3)
4.75V @0.71A 4.75V @0.65A (@ 4.75V lower USB Spec)

Smays 25ft round cable:

Cable #1 Cable #2
4.07V @1.00A 4.07V @1.00A (V2 Pan)
4.71V @0.40A 4.71V @0.40A (V3)
4.75V @0.36A 4.75V @0.36A (@ 4.75V lower USB Spec)

Wasserstein 25ft round cable (WOC ONLY):

Cable #1 Cable #2
4.10V @1.00A 4.17V @1.00A (V2 Pan)
4.50V @0.60A 4.57V @0.60A (V1 WOC)
4.95V @0.60A 4.99V @0.60A (using their power adapter)
4.75V @0.35A 4.75V @0.41A (@ 4.75V w/normal power adapter)

Moyeel 42.5ft round cable:

Cable #1 Cable #2
4.02V @1.00A 4.02V @1.00A (V2 Pan)
4.56V @0.40A 4.57V @0.40A (V3)
4.75V @0.18A 4.75V @0.18A (@ 4.75V lower USB Spec)

Here are the links to what I tested: