Logging into Forum takes a very long time

If you are using a cookie to retain your log in information, this probably doesn’t apply to you. I am unable to do that, so I must log into the forum every day.

The log in process keeps taking longer and longer as the server tries to load Javascript libraries and CSS repositories from China. Can anything be done to speed things up?

“CSS repositories from China”? What evidence?

I just logged in and out. It took maybe 1 second from when I entered my password until I had the forum loaded. How long is it taking for you?

It would help to know what device you are access the forum on, what operating system, what browser and versions? In any case, have you tried clearing all your web data and cache as it relates to forums.wyzecam.com?

Shortly after I posted that message the problem stopped.

It had been trying to load from a content delivery network called bootstrapcdn and taking upward of five minutes to load.

Tracert now says it is polling a site in Oregon and it’s loading quickly again.

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Glad it resolved itself for you.