Live stream outdoor V2 all day?

New to any security cam. Got the Wyze Outdoor V2 and solar panel, hoping I could keep an eye on the front of house, and respond when someone rings the bell. (using a Fire Tablet 8 as monitor). Now it seems I’m finding that live streaming uses more power than the solar panel can supply (for about 10 hour continuous stream). So if the app is on Home instead of Camera, I’m not using much power? To access cam I have to press cam and wait for live picture to appear? (would it be better to use a solar panel with built in battery like Wasserstein?) thanks

I would suggest that outdoor camera is the wrong choice for your needs. The V3, which is rated for outdoor use, has a plug-in power supply and would work better.


The Outdoor Camera is not designed to live stream 10 hours a day. It is more a “view events” camera. It is designed to sleep until it sees movement, and then wake up just long enough to send an event video. I agree with @WildBill – a powered V3 is more to your use case.

If you put a solar panel on a Wyze Outdoor Camera, you might get 1-2 hours a day of live stream. Exceed that, and the solar panel will not be able to keep up with the charge loss.

Add Wasserstein’s battery solar panel to it, and you might get 30 minutes to 1 hour more the first day, but after that you are at the mercy of the recharge rate from the sun. I say 30 minutes to 1 hour because you would have to replace that lost charge, and that’s about all you could use and still have a chance of recharging. The Wasserstein supplies about 2W of power and the Wyze supplies 2.5W. So after day 1 you are better off with the recharge rate of the Wyze panel.

But for your use case you are really better off with a fixed-view V3. A V3 can also do continuous 24-hour SD card recording.

BTW, if you decide to wire your Outdoor Camera to power, know it requires a special power cable to remain waterproof. Wasserstein sells one of those, but the other end, the 120V power adapter, is indoor-only. There is an outdoor-rated power adapter for the V3, but the 120V plug side still needs to be shielded from the elements.


Thanks… it would be extremely difficult to wire the outdoor camera. Now that I know the limitations of the wireless, I’ll look into the V3 wired. Thanks for your responses~


If you have any lighting at all you could try tapping power that way. Wyze and others have adapters for that purpose.

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Yes, I have 2 cameras in a fenced-in area in my backyard that tap power from a outdoor light fixture. It is a white globe fixture, and all the non-waterproof 120V connections are shielded from weather inside the globe. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I found the Lamp Socket adapter, which is working fine (though I’m still working out the sundown/sun up schedule). Thanks!