Live stream is disconnecting after 10 minutes

This is NOT on an android (made me pick something). This is live stream on Windows 10 using a browser. It is now disconnecting after 10 minutes. Initially there was a message that they were working on a problems. Now it just disconnects. I paid the $20 so I expect it to work! I don’t expect to have to reconnect constantly. What’s going on with this?

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Hi There, same here and I spoke to someone at their helpdesk - absolutely pointless. Told me to try Safari - same problem. I also said will we get compensated - he said no.

They are doing this on purpose - it is not a bug. Instead of upgrading their infrastructure to handle the traffic they are kicking people off. I’m in a situation where it is necessary to view the camera so having to restart it all the time is ridiculous.

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Same problem here. Chat was no help. Said to email the specialist. I should have screen shotted that message, They act like it’s on our end. It’s not. Lol

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I’m seeing this happen too. Just started yesterday (9/11/2023). I’ve been using Live stream - Wyze for quite awhile and have not seeing this before. I need to keep the stream up for extended periods of time and it seems to be disconnecting every 10-15 minutes. If this is intentional, I’ll have to start looking for another camera solution.

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It started a few days before that for me. Initially there was a message saying something like they were working on the problem or that it was temporary. Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot. Then, instead of fixing it, they seem to have made it permanent. I thought I saw a message fly by when it disconnects but I haven’t captured that. This must break their agreement on providing a live stream.

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How is this your fault?! That is, that you should speak to a specialist!!! Give me a break!!! What kills me is that they haven’t even addressed this anywhere!!! And it says on their site that their live streaming is continuous!!!

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I managed to capture the message when it disconnects using a screen capture app. In case you can’t see the screen capture it says “You don’t have any Wyze Cams paired with your account. Please add a Wyze Cam through the Wyze app to get started.” This is a bogus message.


Is anyone having this happen on the phone app? What platform? I’m on Win 10, Edge browser. I reported a bug to support. We’ll see if they respond.

In discord Wyze said this issue will be resolved soon, and the frequent logins are known

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It is another Wyze social media platform:

Wyze - Discord

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This is freaking ridiculous. It’s happening to us, too. I am beginning to think Wyze is a joke of a company. I know I certainly won’t buy any of their other products. Why can’t they get their crap together and fix this glitch.

We use our camera on continuous live stream on PIP on Microsoft Edge browser. We need to watch a hallway at work to ensure no access from street people. Obviously having the camera time out and close every 10 minutes makes that difficult to do.


This has now started happening with my I-Pad. I need these cameras for security which means they must be on 24/7. Not have to reboot every 10 minutes. This is ridiculous. Do they not know the definition of security!!

Welcome to Wyze technology, we fix a security flaw which breaks many more features. Business as usual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wyze releases new products Well Before they ever get the previous product working as their business model

Software/Firmware fixes do not bring the profit :confused:

I have V3’s (24) and won’t replace them when they die or get obsoleted like the V1 that had a security issue so it was killed off.

Way back when they started they were going to be a camera company… Now they’re a cheap Chinese Junk Peddler that can’t keep the software end of business caught up.

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The recurring Web View disconnect has been lifted:

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My IPad stopped working also. Won’t connect to server. I guess app is outdated for me. For Webb view I finally did blue stacks. Works great.

TBH I have this problem with Wyze and with my Ring cameras (I think both end it on purpose to save on cloud costs).

I ended up using Windows subsystem for Android and installed the Android APK on my Windows 11. I view all the cameras in 1 screen. One thing is that if you change the app resolution it crashes (I think they were not ready for that kind of user :slight_smile: ).

While it is not perfect it certainly does the job. You only need to allow local access for apps and it will stream the cameras directly to your Windows using LAN (not the internet)