Lightstrip Pro Strip Connectors and Controller to Strip Extension

I can make this work with what came in the box but it won’t be an elegant solution. As a retired software developer I like elegant solutions, so… I need a T connector and a few 90 degree strip connectors. I saw a post that had an answer pointing to some 90 degree lightstrip connectors on Amazon. Would any 3 pin connector work or is there a specific designation for the strip or connector I should be looking for?

How about connector extensions for between the controller and the light strip? Is this type of thing available off the shelf? Is there a specific designation for the extension type?

Maybe the same thread where I posted that most of the clamp on strip connectors are likely garbage. Don’t waste your money. Here is my longer answer in the other thread. Cut and Reconnect The Wyze light strip & light strip pro - #9 by K6CCC
For extending the controller to start of the strip, a soldering iron and some wire is your best bet. Yes, it will void the warrantee.