Light sources changed to Starbursts

Light sources in my camera all of a sudden went to ‘starbursts’
V3 Cam Pro

Power cycled camera and same issue, my other V3 Cam Pro doesn’t seem to do this.

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Are these two images from the two separate cams or are they from the same Cam before and after the firmware update?

What is the difference in firmware between the two cams?

same camera, before and after

That being the case, it seems as though this was a byproduct of the new firmware. I have my V3Pro updated to the same, but I have the FOV such that it doesn’t get any shots of direct lighting.

You might get more traction by posting your findings as a bug, with your before and after shots and labeling them with each firmware version that produced them, in the Firmware Release Topic for Users there can then try and replicate your results.