License plate scanner?

I would love to see a Wyze license plate scanner. All the other license plate scanners that I see on the market are over $150 and require a DVR to work. Hopefully you guys thought about this already. I love your products keep up the great work.

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This is a cool idea! Maybe an program or firmware could be made for the plugged-in cameras in the future.
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For better security on catching vandelizm a dedicated license plate reader would be a fantastic addition to the wyze cam lineup I hope other people can agree!

I live in an area (Los Angeles county) where bad guys attempt steal my mail every three or four weeks.
I have two V3 cams that take good videos of them opening the mail box, They stop their cars and get out to open the mail box, but this is done at night and their car lights, front and back cause a glare prevent the ability to read the license plate numbers. If a software filter could be developed the “mask” the glare of the lights, so one could read the plate numbers. I believe that this would be a big selling point and would open up a new market for Wyze.

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Neighborhood Security/License Plate Reader Cameras

We currently have a set of car tag reader cameras (via Flock Safety) that are solar powered, standalone devices that transmit images (license plates) via cellular means(?) to a centralized hub. If the need arises, those images can be used by authorities in the event they need to investigate criminal activity… although it largely serves as a deterrent to would-be criminals.

The cost for one cameras is approx $2,500 per 3-year contract period. (We have two, one for inbound traffic, the other for outbound).

It would be awesome if Wyze could develop a more cost-efficient solution consisting of an outdoor cam, a mounting pole with solar panel, an extended battery backup, a means to transmit the data from the devices to Wyze servers and software/solutions to make that data searchable (by tag, make/model/color of vehicle, datetime of activity).


I would really love a high powered camera similar to the wyze cam v3 but with a zoom capable of 150 to 250 feet of perfect clarity even while an object is in movement that also has the ability to read license plates even at an angle. I wouldnt mind paying an extra 5$ on the plan for the ability to read license plates.

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My homeowners association in the Seattle suburbs has recently experienced repeated catalytic converter thefts, auto theft, property theft, and property damage, All of these criminals drive into our subdivision in order to be able to make a hasty exit. Unfortunately, the video from all our WYZE/Ring/Blink/Nest… cameras can’t ID these troublemakers because we can’t see the plates from a side view and the cars appear too small with our wide angle cameras.

As a machine vision engineer, I routinely work on challenging manufacturing applications of cameras, optics, and lighting.

Looking at the Wyze Cam v3, I genuinely believe that it can, with trivial modifications, be turned into an effective and remarkably inexpensive 24x7 tool for capturing images of license plates.

The strategy would be to mount cameras on homes located at strategic T intersections in our subdivision where they have a clear view of the fronts and rears of every car as it slows down to make a turn. Wiring these cameras for power can be cheap because all of our homes come with exterior roofline outlets for Christmas lights. Some homes may need to add a WiFi repeater to provide a stronger external signal for the camera.

The required field of view would be about 30 feet wide at a distance of 85 feet from the roofline of the house, or a horizontal viewing angle of about 20 degrees. This can be accomplished by the simple substitution of a ~16mm M12 screw-in lens for the standard 1.5mm? M12 fisheye lens. With this lens a 12" by 6" plate would take up 128x64 pixels, which is large enough to easily be able to read plates at 85 feet.

At night time, with the NIR lights turned on, license plates, which have a bright 3M retroreflective coating, appear overexposed and totally white, even from 100 feet away. Consequently, the only other trivial change would be a software option to set a maximum limit on the exposure time. This shorter exposure time can guarantee that plates will never be overexposed at night,

With these changes, after a crime occurs we can check the cameras for vehicle traffic and send images of the plates to our police in order to help them narrow down their search and take repeat offenders off the street.

In a few years perhaps WYZE will be able to add OCR software that can locate and automatically read plate numbers, but we have a very immediate need that these trivial updates (insert a different lens into some cameras, add exposure time limit) would address.

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We need to have this feature. The Wyze OG telephoto is good but if it had a zomm of 5x or 6x and higher frame rate 60fps, It would be incredible. Don’t know what you guys can do to make this happen.

Getting the license plate number is one of the most important information we can pass along to the police. Criminals are often masked and/or hooded so we can’t identify them by their faces, hence we can only say that a crime took place, when it took place and not much more. Most criminals in my area drive a getaway vehicle when committing crimes, being able to identify that vehicle, even if it’s stolen, is an enormous lead for the police.


I just deployed the Telephoto OG camera. I live at the top of my cul de sac so I can image any vehicle plate as it leaves the area. Unfortunately, plates are overexposed to pure white. Would love to have a daytime exposure bias and nighttime exposure bias setting to compensate. I also have a telephoto OG pointing at a public walkway that’s illuminated at night, but the long shutter speed used by the camera makes identification impossible. An exposure bias setting that adjusts the shutter speed would resolve this.

Sv3c makes some really good cameras and they listen to feedback for the most part. I purchased one and im pretty happy and i can search by date and time if i want

License plate reader please! I would also pay pay extra if the plate could be OCR so the clip could be found by plate number

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