License plate detection

The cameras and sensors are fantastic . But they can’t read a license plate. There is tech out there that reads reflective plates and non reflective plates . If you can’t report anything what’s the point of knowing. Please let us know if there is anything like this coming out . Every time we report something to the cops we see the car and license plate but can’t read what it is.

I would guess they are not doing that as that would require different and more expensive hardware, they also do not market them as security. With the low cost target they aim for I do not see that coming, but I also do not work for them and am only guessing.

I agree with everything you said and i know they are marketed as a monitoring system.

Just give a cop a license plate changes the way they go about securing criminals.

This is actually something I have worked on. I don’t think the processor on board the camera could handle that type of AI. Perhaps post processing might work at HD the quality is high enough. But the cameras we were using for license plate scanning were not terribly expensive so who knows what will be possible soon?