LEDs not working on Pan cam

Think I’m having the same trouble as Guru, LED lights are not turning on (you should be able to see them in the dark right?)

On Cam pan firmware and app version 2.1.27 on android. Tried a factory reset and that didn’t change anything. Any idea when this will get fixed if it’s a firmware problem?

The Pan uses 940nm LEDs which are almost invisible to most people. For me to see mine, I must be in a totally dark room. Any ambient light and I can’t see them.

It was completely dark and I couldn’t see any lights at all, but who knows.

Just to show you the problem, below are two images of our crib, which in each case was ~4 feet from the camera: the first is with a foscam in IR, the second (on the next post due to the image restrictions) is the wyze cam from last night. We could barely make anything out using the wyze cam, so hopefully this isn’t normal.

Actually had an idea, I could try looking at the wyze cam with my phone camera. That normally picks up IR pretty well (such as from a television remote). Will try that when I get a chance.

It does look like they are not working. What version of the app, what phoneOS and what firmware are you running?

app version is 2.1.27 on android 5.0, firmware is

There had been some issue with the LEDs. I would suggest doing a factory reset:


Let us know if that fixes it.

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Did (another) factory reset and nothing has changed.

Sorry, I missed that you had already tried that.

One more simple thing… make sure you don’t have the night vision lock to “off”. The indication is to the right above the video frame in turquoise. It’s a bit hard to see. You can also set this in Settings > Advanced Settings.

You could also try to flash the firmware:


However, it might just be a bad camera. I would go ahead and start a support request to get in the queue. You can always cancel it if you get it resolved yourself.

I looked through my cell phone camera and could see the six lit LEDs, so they must be on but very weak. Seems likely it’s a bad camera then, so I’ll see about getting it returned. Thanks for your help!

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That sounds to me like the IR filter is not being moved out of the way when night vision engages. Do you hear a prominent click when night vision is turned on and off? (you should)

Since the IR filter is mechanical, it is definitely something that can be broken and require replacement. As a troubleshooting step, here’s one thing you can try. Grab a strong rare earth magnet and hold it on either side of the camera near the lens while viewing the live stream. You should be able to manually engage and disengage the IR filter. This can confirm if this is the issue. Occasionally doing so will unstick a stuck filter so it works normally going forward. But more often, the camera will just need to be replaced.

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I hear a click when moving to IR, and tried manually moving the filter in and out of place. Not much difference whether it’s “in” or “out”, unfortunately.

Have a replacement arriving later today.

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Update: got the replacement camera (to be safe didn’t update to the newest firmware) and the night vision works great. Looks like the other was just a dud. Thanks for the help!


Noticed I was having some problems with my pan cam night vision. Stumbled upon this post. The factory reset worked for me. I bought mine about 3 weeks ago. Hopefully, this problem is fixed now, and this may help others as well.

I have 4 pan cams. Started with one, the led lights didnt work, so they sent me a replacement, same thing happened again, so they sent me another, and yet another. The last one worked for 6 months or so and now its no longer working. I dont know what is different on the pan cam versus the v2. i have a couple of v2’s that work wonderful. One of my pan cams will make noise and start panning for no apparent reason. Almost freaky like someone is watching you. I do not have tracking turned on. and there is usually nobody in the room when it happens. you just hear it. and then when you walk in the room its facing a different direction. I am not impressed at all with the pan cam. I placed one of the v2 outside, it constantly gets false alarms with bugs flying by. I guess the bugs can see the red lights so they fly right into or right past the cam.