Latest App update has another mistake!


If those users want to see what is happening in front of the camera lens then all they have to do is go to the home page and click on the thumbnail - two taps! - latency problem solved!

Users like me and many others have no way of looking at what triggered the event - which is important. In this thread I have given several examples of the new system completely missing the trigger for the event.

There is no logical reason for this change - if people want to see the live view they can - very easily but you have removed an important feature by removing the rewind feature.

I have never had any problems with stability - but I do have a big problem with not being able to see an event trigger quickly. The system as it is wouldn’t even let me see a duck walking slowly away from the camera - it had walked so far away that it couldn’t be identified until the system let me rewind to the beginning of the event video - and that was minutes of waiting, it could have been a thief running through the garden!

How does this help with viewing the trigger of an event while the event is being recorded???

I will just repeat myself - people who want the live view can choose to look at the live view from the home page. People who wish to quickly see the trigger of an event cannot do that any more.

How is it progress to remove a feature that is useful? It has the effect of actually slowing down the usefulness of the system.

I don’t know why I’m bothering - it is obvious there is no way anyone at Wyze is going to accept that this change is a backward step.


@ShardlowM Preach, brother. You have been communicating my sentiments exactly. Wyze broke the reason why I use my cameras now. It makes no sense why they did this. Zero. I would use the most profanity laden post just to convey my feelings regarding this bass-ackwards bullcrap but I’d only get banned. And that’s funny because at least they’d have heard me!


Let me clarify something: that little change you did? It just BROKE the reason why I have been using your cameras for the past nearly 4 years. You just made them garbage. To NOT be able to see what triggered events ASAP makes ZERO SENSE. Let me re-clarify that again: having to WAIT to see the trigger for god knows how long now makes the reason why we use these cameras USELESS.


Just agreeing with @ShardlowM and @jayjbarrow. This change is a degradation in service and a fairly significant one at that.

I had a video event triggered that lasted 5 minutes. By the time I got to the notification several seconds after it was received, the event was already 10 seconds into recording but the trigger was already gone. I couldn’t access the event for a full 5 minutes until it was done recording to see what triggered the event. Now, what if that had been a burglar passing my cam breaking in. Would you wait 5 minutes to see the trigger in order to call Police? Or, alternatively, would you scrap your cams and purchase real security cams? Is Wyze going to put their action where their advertising is? Security Cams… 5 minutes later?


@jayjbarrow and @SlabSlayer

I doubt @Xchen is really listening - I don’t think that I am misunderstanding anything.

It is such a stupid thing to do - the only reason is to save money. To mend the “instability” or the “latency” will obviously cost Wyze money - so the cheap and easy way to sort it out is to remove features. They will never admit that fact though.


It’s here! Fix it Friday. Go there and make your voice heard!

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Thanks for the link - I cannot work out how to do this fix it friday !!!

Maybe because it is very early here … Or I am stupid

It’s just another topic like this one but Wyze is listening and gathering issues to add to their fix it list. Just post in this problem and heart like any others you need fixed. Gwen will update the list throughout the month.

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@SlabSlayer thanks - I think I’ve done it now

:+1: Yup. Liked. Going to bump post tomorrow when I have time.


I just llked every post :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is windy here today and the trees are moving. I have blocked out as much of the movement of the trees using detection zones but the zones are not 100% effective.

Any other movement in the detection zone is recorded to video but any slight moment of a tree branch can extend the event being recorded for several minutes.

I am really missing not being able to rewind to the beginning of the event - the whole camera system is much much less useful without the capability to rewind the event video for 5 or more minutes.

This change is a real backwards step and has rendered the cameras almost useless


I just got a notification that there is a person in front of my door. I clicked on the event but all I see is live feed and no one is in front of the door. Did this person already broke into my house (nobody home) or left? Over a minute later I could rewind the event and see that it was the mailman. My camera is useless as well.



It’s not a good situation - anything could happen in the time it takes to be able to rewind to the start of an event.


Before, anytime I would get a notification that someone is at the door, I would rewind, see who it is and choose to talk to or ignore them. Smarten up Wyze, this is an important feature and if you don’t bring it back, myself and many more customers will abandon you.


Very true


This is very upsetting. I paid for the camera so it’s mine right? I paid for a 32gb sd card to save my own videos too so I didn’t have to sign up for service. However, after the last update I no longer have access to MY OWN sd card for video. A triggered event only takes an image now. When I try to change it to video it doesn’t take my to my sd card for storing, it tries to sign me up for service. Essentially, you reached right into my camera and took the SD card out with your update. I don’t care about Cam Lite - it’s still cloud service. I want to be able to use my sd card with a slot you provided and I paid for. Service should always be optional - not forced and the fact you had an option to store locally on the device is what enticed me to buy your product. Are you going to fix the issue for Camera users that have sd cards? Am I out of my lane here and spouting off or is their something I’m just not doing right?

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@wrosensteel, this is a user to user forum. Rarely will you find a Wyze employee monitoring threads. They may post occasionally, but they don’t monitor. It’s just users like you trying to help each other find some resolution.

The issue being discussed here is when a notification comes in and is in the process of recording a video to the Cloud, the app launches to a Peer to Peer Live View stream now without time slider controls instead of the previous Slider Live View that showed the Cloud Recorded Video with the ability of manipulating a time slider to roll back to the initiation of the video. A snapshot is posted here: Latest App update has another mistake! - #72 by SlabSlayer

What I think you are describing, as it pertains to viewing uSD card video is something different.

I have mostly V3 cams so that is all I can reference. If you have a WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor) everything below changes as these operate much differently. If you have the WCO, let me know and I can send you to a user who knows them. The recording did change and there are MANY topics discussing it.

From what you have posted, it sounds like you are not signed up for any plan subscription. On the basic\no subscription plan it will show only a thumbnail image in the Events Page and you cannot change it to Video. You ONLY get a thumbnail. This was announced a long time back with the introduction of CamPlus Lite.

If you sign up for CamPlus Lite or CamPlus, you will get video. You can sign up for CamPlus Lite and get 12 second videos or CamPlus for full length. There is still a cooldown in CamPlus Lite. Again, many topics in the forums discussing the changes to this 4 tier plan structure and how it affects users.

Basic Plan, Cam Plus Lite, and Cam Plus do not affect the uSD recording. (If you have a WCO… I know it was affected, but I don’t have details)

When you select an Event in the Events Tab, those are images from the Cloud, NOT the uSD card, Regardless of your plan subscription level. Opening this event in the app opens the Cloud Image, not the uSD video.

In order to get to the uSD video from that event image, you must press the uSD Playback Button:

Alternatively, if you click an Event Notification and it takes you to the P2P live view, you can get to the uSD Playback by pressing the Playback Bar:

Hope this helps. Please post back with details on the type of Cam you have and the specifics of your uSD settings (motion vs continuous) and how you are trying to access the uSD video. We will help if we can or find someone who can. If you want, feel free to Private Message me on the DM!


It would be nice if we could roll back to the unbroken version :wink:


I’m not holding my breath

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