Landscape Mode from Portrait mode is no longer working for me

I recently added 3 new cameras and now find when I select a camera and turn the phone it no longer flips from portrait to landscape view. I have searched the forum for a fix and have not seen one, if there is sorry. Has there been a change in software or am I missing a software or phone setting? Used to be I could select the camera, turn the phone and get the widescreen view, but no longer.


Sorry to hear you are having this issue. Can you let me know if you are using Android or ios and what version of the app you have? I am running the iOS app and mine is 2.5.35 which is the latest Beta version.
The landscape mode is working. Is it possible your phone is locked in Portrait mode?

Works on my Android phone as normal. There is an android setting that stops screen rotation. Perhaps - if this is an android device - that got set?

I deleted the app and reinstalled just now and all is working. I just updated the iPhone as well, not sure if that had anything to do with it but that part seems working now

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Good to hear it was resolved!