Known Person Detection (Facial Recognition)

Known hostile person / vehicle detection

We have a known hostile person with a restraining order. We have this person’s photographs as well as their vehicle information. The ideal security system would be able to detect this specific person or their vehicle and trigger a “known hostile detected” alert. For instance, triggering an SMS message, emails, creating an audible siren, recording continuous video, logging the alert and evidence of their violation of the restraining order, custom triggers, etc.

All the existing wishlist topics are the opposite - reducing false positive alerts. Please upvote if you or someone you know is being stalked, has a restraining order, has been a victim of domestic violence, or could otherwise use this feature.

[Mod Note]: Your request was merged to this topic for consistency in grouping similar requests. “Hostile” to AI is synonymous with “Known”. Actions performed based on facial recognition are being considered and some are currently undergoing testing. Please remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button. You may also wish to comment on and/or vote for License Plate OCR, the ability of AI to detect the only unique feature of potentially identical vehicles.