Kitchen Herb Garden - By Wyze

Ok, this is a bit out there and really not something I would associate with Wyze, but that is also part of the point. What about a kitchen countertop LED grown herb garden, the ones you see in the fancy cooking stores that go for over $100, but for about $30 through Wyze? A lot more people are cooking at home these days due to Covid, The premise of these is cool, you can grow fresh herbs instead of buying dried ones, but the economics make no sense. You can go to a neighborhood grocery store and pick up a pack of fresh herbs for at least 40x cheaper. My wife and I were just talking about gifting one today, and it hit me that if Wyze had one at their now typical comparitive economic price point, I wouldn’t think twice.

Wyze with the recent sprinkler release now has experience in both the piping and LED, and of course automation, aspects of this product. And as an easy launch pad onto the market of high end cooking gadgets (but largely free of regulatory issues as it is not something that is directly consumed) it is an interesting avenue for growth. Imagine a Wyze garden in every C&B, Williams and Sonoma, Pottery Barn, etc. :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen what you’re talking about but this was the first search hit for “led kitchen garden” and it’s 39 dollars.

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Interesting idea!
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Would like a planter for growing flowers, herbs, veggies. Something to monitor when not at home and be able to sprinkler and monitor while at work or see developments over camera.