Just not good, or what am I missing

I have been using Wyze cams since year 1 and have bought 8 or 9 cams since.

The V2 and Pan have been perfect. The quality is awesome. I can zoom in and clearly read licence plates in building parking lot day or night.

I bought 2 V3 this July and wasn’t very impressed at all. The picture is good day and night but when you zoom, it doesn’t have much quality to it at all. Even during the day, zooming into licence plates is not the best and impossible at night.

I then just got another Outdoor camera today.

This outdoor cam is terrible. The quality during the day is at best 8/10 as compared to the V2. At night, it is useless. Any window glare makes it unclear of what is going on no matter what settings I use, it just goes from bad to worse.

Is there something I am just not understanding? Is there some big setting difference I’m not seeing? Is it just a bad camera or is mine broken?

I have loved Wyze cameras up until this. I got many others to buy them too as I thought they were that good but I just don’t understand.

Anyone know if it’s me or the Cameras? When I swap out the Outdoor for a Pan, it’s fine.

Completely dont understand.

Oh, and the distance the camera can be without the base is less then my Pan. When I have a pan setup outside inside old car, it works great and has great signal. When I put Outdoor cam is same spot, it’s hard to connect, it’s always 40 seconds behind and comes in spurts, what’s wrong.

“This outdoor cam is terrible. The quality during the day is at best 8/10 as compared to the V2. At night, it is useless. Any window glare makes it unclear of what is going on no matter what settings I use, it just goes from bad to worse.”
The WCO doesn’t work through glass. The signal for your pan is coming from your WI-Fi signal, the outdoor cam is getting a different signal via the base. My WCO are not useless at night they work just fine.

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The reason being that it won’t wake up at all unless it detects motion (via heat differential) which isn’t going to happen through a double pane window.

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Maybe you got bad cameras? Most of us who’ve upgraded to the v3 find the quality of the picture during the day and night way better than the v2. I think the WCO picture quality is much better than the v2. The v3 blows away the v2 quality, hands down. The starlight sensor is fantastic

Yes, I also find the quality OK on the V3, it’s the zoom that sucks on those. It’s the Cam Outdoor that is not good. It says 300 feet. I can’t get 30 feet across an open field.


Wow. That is great quality. There must be a problem with mine.

Which one are you talking about,

V2, Pan, V3 or outdoor?

If it’s the Outdoor, that would suck as I was hoping it would work outside or inside.

Too bad you couldn’t use continuous recording, if you wanted to as that would solve that.

I don’t have a WCO, but if it has aux IR light like V2/V3, that’s the issue with glass. The IR light is reflected causing glare. It’s not the WiFi, nor the base signal.

I happen to have a V2 and a V3 side by side. Take a look at the image quality.

The second image is from the V3. As you can see, it looks much better. Both cameras are behind a window and have IR off.

Why is the V2 even there? It’s because fireworks is visible from that Window. And the V3 can’t cope with the bright flashes.

Edit -

The pics were taken a minute apart. The V2 time is off by an hour.

Hi, thanks for sending the pics.
Yes, the V3 looks good but if you have to zoom in, say to read a licence plate number, how is the quality? With my 2 V3’s, the view is similar, but, I can’t read a licence plate in regular or zoomed in and I’m talking about the same distance to the car in your pic, although I can’t see the plate.

As for my outdoor, I just returned it to Amazon and they are sending a replacement Tuesday so ill see how that goes. The distance is supposed to get you 300 feet in an open field, no trees, buildings etc but i can’t get 30 feet without very choppy video with up to 40 second delay in the video stopping and starting. I reset and reloaded, I moved the base, nothing, so, its either a defect or the cameras are just not up to par with the v2, Pan, or V3.

If I go outside with a Pan, I can easily get 50 feet, with the Outside Cam I can’t get more then 20 or 25 feet.

Thanks again

I just zoomed in to a car parked on my driveway and the plate is very legible.

But you mention a parking lot. It is a function of distance AND resolution. Zooming in at a greater distance (like a parking lot) would really reduce the effective resolution. The limitation isn’t the camera; all 1080p resolution cameras will function the same during the day, assuming the same field of view coverage.

One other factor to consider; the V3 has a wider field of view compared to the V2. Check my pics; it’s very apparent. So the same square inch of V2 image has an effectively higher resolution than a V3’s. Couple that with your greater distance requirement, and it explains why the V3 (in your case) is worse.

If you really want to read license plates, you need a camera with a higher resolution. Do you really think CalTrans uses 1080p cameras on the state freeways?

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As to resolution, here’s a zoomed example of @Ipil60R34s’s shots, zoomed in on the house on the left. On the V2 you can barely tell it’s there. On the V3 you can count its windows.