Just got my v3 camera. just how hard is it to set up?

After reading some of these posts it sounds incredibly difficult to use these camera’s like you have to be a programmer or something. I am going to use mine on an enclosed porch by my front door. I just want it to alert me so I can see who is outside my door. is that going to be difficult to set up?

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Setting up the v3 is not difficult. Simply download the app and make sure it is setup on your device. Once you have done that, Connect your camera to power, and then start the app. Click the + symbol at the top left of your Home screen, then select Add Device. From there select Camera and V3.

You will be guided through the steps from there. Within a couple minutes, you should be up and running.

Feel free to post questions here if you have concerns.


Here is an example of adding a V3 camera (4:45):


I’m not a programmer nor hardcore techie and I found the set up easy a few weeks ago as a new customer. The directions are included in the box.

But come back for help if it doesn’t go so well. Complications can occur if your wifi signal is sketchy/unstable or your cams are out of range or for other reasons.

Also, once the equipment establishes connection with your network it might take some time to update the firmware and then tweak the settings until you dial in what works best for your needs.

One note, I received some equipment that was defective on arrival. But after determining the problems were the result of factory defects, Wyze CS sent replacements.


thanks so much


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