Just another Friday night at the trailer park

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Wow! Very useful to have a mobile mechanic in the neighborhood!


Haha I know right ? I don’t even know if that’s what he is doing. I saw him a couple days later riding the scooter but no tool box and I asked while he went by "hey where is your tool box "? All he said was “that was pretty cool huh?” I said "yeah it was " and then he said "that’s from living ten years in Tennessee " im assuming he meant thinking outside the box on how to move a tool chest with no truck. He never said whether he was wrenching door to door though. He has my hard earned cash to do repairs to my truck if he does. If he was that thought out on moving a tool box I imagine he is pretty clever with unorthodox but cheap repairs as well! Thought everyone would get a laugh out of it. Only in jersey! R/ New Jersey man…


When I was working in the shop, my bipolar boss laid into me about taking too long on a job that he never did himself. I pointed at my toolbox and reminded him it had wheels.

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Well, can’t beat that, but…

Here’s the sound of someone in So Cal misreading a stop sign - and knocking it down.

He skulked off and the city repaired it within an hour - on a Sunday, no less!

Strange upon strange. :grin:

My new rating system:

Degree of Odd

Mobility mechanic

Don’t Stop Sign