Jerky Movement of Pan Cam

I have a Pan Cam in my garage that I installed a few days ago. I have both Motion Tracking and Motion Tagging turned on. I’ve noticed that the camera seems to not smoothly follow me but seems to jerk back and forth. Is there something wrong with my camera or my settings?


Yeah it more the the motion tracking just isn’t there yet maybe in a future update that will be fixed

The Pan Cam has always done the jerky / random motion - don’t expect a fix from Wyze. This problem has been brought up several times in the past and Wyze has responded with total silence (no fix is going to happen).
The cam is pretty much useless as far as I am concerned - my Pan Cam will jerk to one extreme way (left or right) when it detects something and stay there, missing what triggered the action.


Thanks for the responses. I guess it’s working as best it can unless there is a software fix in the future. I just wanted to make sure the camera wasn’t defective and I was setting it correctly.

Hi, @dpeel9. This #wishlist request may interest you.

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I think that Wyze has totally abandoned any and all support of the Pan Cam. It is the red headed step child of the products.

It actually started out ok at the beginning of this video. Then it went all crazy. :frowning:
The Pan Cam still needs major help in tracking.

That video doesn’t seem to work. You may need to upload it somewhere else. I looked at the video URL and it includes a timestamp that expires after a short period of time. That means it probably played when you first uploaded it, but stopped working a few minutes after that. (Some services do this for security purposes, especially if it’s not supposed to be publicly accessible)

Links still works on my side. Here is another attempt.

WyzeCamPan Test - Dec 2019

That link worked for me. :+1: I can see the video isn’t very smooth as it moves. This is one of the many complaints I see here on the forum with the Cam Pan from other users as well. The jerky movement is a known issue with this camera. There is a #wishlist topic you can vote for requesting a slower movement of the Cam Pan here:


I’m excited to report that this issue is FIXED in March 9 2021 firmware version []

Put it on a micro SD card and flash it.

There’s no more overshoot, and it tracks you nicely.