It's Back ... Captured on Wyze

Not a big deal, thanks @Seapup .

I checked before developing my patented technique and there was no other way to deal with it really.

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It’s worth it. I feel bad for some of the people who post new topics over the next couple of days as their post might get buried in the notifications from previous captured on wyze topics, but I do scan through all the notifications and try to make sure I check out ones that might need some help.

I’m good with the wave of notifications, it allowed me to find post that I’d never seen before… for example, I discovered that you and @towelkingdom are a fellow crazy cat people,

Our last Kitty (of six) passed away a few month ago, she was blind for about a year. We used a Wyze Cam V3 over the litterbox, with a trigger for Wyze Color Lights in the ceiling fan to let us know when she was in the litterbox. This way we could run to the sun room and make sure she didn’t step in, or track her :poop: :poop: :poop: out of the box and throughout the house :slight_smile:

I setup a Wyze Pam Cam v2 on the floor in the sunroom, and got some good footage of her as she went through the sun room.



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Sigh, he’s at it again. :wink:


Someone has to do the dirty work :rofl:


Moving posts with YouTube videos this weekend.


Appreciate you @Seapup