It happen 254am floating then just wake up for nothing!

I’m new to here, wyze not letting me to upload the video of something floating in my bedroom at 254am

Welcome! Check out videos of dust, particulates, spider webs or insects. That may be what your caught :slight_smile:

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You can upload it to a service (like YouTube or google photos) and then share the link if it won’t allow direct upload.

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Testing this if it works,

I don’t have bugs, it was cold 47° . No spider web, no particles no dust

Dust. Plain and simple. Don’t believe me? Ask your priest.


That’s either a small flying insect or dust. Unless you live in a certified ‘clean room’ there’s always the potential for dust, lint, or small insects.


I’m torn. But I think I’m Team Moth on this one. Too pleasantly swoopy and blocky for dust this time.

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There are several tiny insects that live in drains. I am sure it wasn’t 47 degrees in you bedroom. Also, carpet beetles will winter over inside. If you own anything silk, wool, leather, or have hair in the house, you could have these. 30+ years in Pest Control. 20 years with license.

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