Issues with bugs

Hi! First of all, I LOVE this camera. It gives me all I need at a very good price.

One issue I am having is way too many motion detection alerts (I have the sensivitity set to 25). The main issue is flying insects are triggering alerts, which is highly annoying. Does anyone have a recommendation to avoid this? Perhaps install a light elsewhere on my porch that would attract the bugs away. Thanks for any and all assistance!

I was getting 20+ bug alerts per night (not an issue during the day). Three nights ago I installed the external motion sensor included in the wyze sense package near the camera picking up bugs, turned off all detection on the camera itself and solely relied on the external motion sensor to trigger events.

Since then I’ve only had 1 bug alert in 3 days.


@kjay wonder if this would work well to decrease motion detections from the sun and clouds too.

My camera doesn’t get any cloud or sun in the frame but I think the motion sensor would help. Mine does trigger from moderate wind blowing trees tho. Have you tried setting the detection zone to exclude the skyline?

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I believe this topic may interest you all. You can VOTE for it at the top-left. :slight_smile:


@kjay, i don’t have the sky in the frame… But when the brightness changes on the trees/grass due to cloud coverage then it sets off the alert.
@DreadPirateRush thanks! I’ve already voted previously.

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@cheaplikeafox I think motion sensor should ignore clouds and shadows. I just took a flash light and shined it all over the area the sensor covers during night with no trigger. As soon as I stepped in front it triggered.

Actually now that I think about it the camera use to always trigger when a cars headlights illuminated my yard at night. I haven’t had that happen since switching to the motion sensor to trigger the camera.

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@kjay yeah… It doesn’t ignore clouds/sun. The wyze sense motion sensor still detects bugs as well though right? I am getting more false alarm alert videos WITH the wyze sense motion sensor instead of without so far…

@cheaplikeafox that’s weird. I’ve only had 3 false positives since April 26 two of which were bugs and one was wind. Which is a huge improvement on the 20+ bugs/ day and 5+ sudden light changes (headlights) /day.

If the bugs are really big (moth?) or really close to the sensor maybe it will trigger more?

I have read others having luck reducing false positives by covering the top half of the sensor with electrical tape which may be worth a shot.

@kjay I had the sensor separate from the camera and I was getting a lot of false alerts. Maybe it was sensing something but the camera didn’t have it in view. I moved the motion detector closer to the camera to see if it’ll make a difference.

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I’m pretty stoked. I solved my false notifications (bugs and sunlight) with the Shortcuts feature. I was getting about 30 a night from the cameras due to bugs and another 50 a day because of the sun creating false alerts for the sense motion sensors.

  • During the day (sun hits the motion sensors and creates constant notifications), I have a shortcut to turn off the motion sensors. Another shortcut to turn on the Camera Motion Notifications. All set just before sunrise.

  • Then at night, I have a shortcut to turn off the Camera Motion Notifications, and another shortcut to turn on the motion sensors. Just after sunset.

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Maybe the person detection will help decrease bug alert events too.

My blue iris software also has similar feature. I can set any event lasting less than a certain amount of time to not trigger a motion alerts. Ignoring events that last 1-2 seconds would fix this problem

Recently purchased my first Wyze camera (a v2 model) deployed inside in a large room. At night I want to see people-type motion via IR, which does work but I also get multiple flying bug
“streak-type” light trails that generate alerts.

So I searched on this issue and found this community topic - but can’t understand why the status is “Maybe Later”. This seems like a universally good issue to work on and fix. I voted for it and also used the “Submit a Log” support function to try to give this more visibility at the Wyze end. Hope it helps…

Update to my issues with flying bugs at night (indoors, Wyze V2 camera). I’ve started using the (beta) Person motion event notifications ON and All Other Motion notifications OFF. And now I’m not seeing notifications for flying bug motion events, although they are still being recorded (which as others have pointed out is potentially a waste of resources). Also, when I filter Events for Person - I’m only seeing true person-triggered events (but of course I have to delete the unwanted non-person events).

I think the flying bugs issue is partially resolved for me, via the Person detection feature. Hopefully it will continue to improve.

I get alerts for bees, and the other day a dam spider decided to hang out on the lense for an hour

Broom …

I would have if I was home. Was checking an alert and seem something moving around on the lense. Then it was gone about an hour later. Apparently just passing through. I checked the next day, nothing making a home there.