Issue with "View Live Stream" past recorded history on V2 Cam - Desktop View

I have experienced an Issue with
“View Live Stream” past recorded history on V2 Cam

Desktop - Using Bluestacks V
When trying to “View Live Stream” past recorded history - Desktop View, on a V2 Cam
I see the timeline slider bar, and slide it to an earlier time frame, but the screen does not show any changes. - Time Counter is moving though, just not displaying the frames previously recorded earlier.

Works for the V3 cam, not the V2 Cam when using the Bluestacks app.

Testing the V2 Cam, from the SmartPhone app,
viewing past recorded time frame/history using “View Live Stream”
works, and when I slide the Slider Bar, under View Live Stream" past recorded history,
It shows the recorded “frame” changes when I slide the timeline bar.

So the issue seems to be specific when using Bluestacks only for V2 cam, not V3,
for “View Live Stream” history


Hey @compserv111

Wyze formal name for this is “Playback” if I understand your post. :slight_smile:

My particulars:

Wyze App 2.26.22
v2 Firmware 4.9.71068
BlueStacks 32 bit Android

Not complete apples-to-apples, maybe, but the Playback timeline is ‘populated’ with Events (my chosen mode, versus Continuous) when I access it via View Playback at the bottom of the Live view page.

I can ‘scrub’ around on the timeline as designed and corresponding video is visible.


interesting concept
It was just be being IT’ish, very specific

I just double checked the V2 cam settings, and it is on Continuous Record, and not Events Only

Same as my other cams
Oddly the time counter, counts, when I drag to an earlier point on the timeline. But the picture doesn’t change at all. Cycled back to nighttime and the image still shows the most recent shot, but counter changes back to the day and time, and continues to count, once I drag to the timeframe I wanted.

Meanwhile it works fine with the V3 Cam.


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I have five Wyze issues like this I keep in a big lump in my back pocket.

It affects my posture when sitting and looks funny when I’m walking around but I’m mostly able to ignore them other than that. :wink:

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