Issue with the robot vacuum

Is someone facing the issue with the robot vacuum? Since last week, every time I start selected area vacuuming, it starts to vacuum the whole floor. I tried multiple times and multiple different approaches, but the result is same. Its so frustrating. If in between I have to stop it, it starts the whole process again next time I start.

I am on android app v2.24.23 beta. And my vacuum firmware is v1.6.130.

I couldnt find a proper way to open a complaint to wyze, so putting details here. Pls assist.

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Do you mean “Spot Cleaning”? If yes, this feature was provided in Vacuum beta firmware 1.6.173 which is currently paused due to issues.

You may also wish to update to the latest beta Wyze app for Android: 2.25.12

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No not apot cleaning. Simple “selected rooms” cleaning. Which has been working good since I bought it.

Did you ever get your issue resolved? If no, you really need to update your beta app and if possible, your beta firmware. Your versions are very outdated. When you encounter beta issues, you should be submitting app logs to the developers for debugging and posting your issue in the topic that corresponds to the beta version announcement for better visibility and help. If you wish to speak to Wyze Customer Service, please contact them directly at:

Wyze Customer Support: (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


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