Issue with cam plus - delayed notifications

I have an outdoor cam and have been troubleshooting this with support for a couple days. It comes down to this:

When cam plus is turned on - motion notifications can take up to 60 minutes to receive.

When cam plus is turned off - motion notifications are almost instant.

We have checked app settings, firmware versions, reverting back firmware, power cycle, time sync, app settings, phone settings, person detection on/off. The event is recorded, I can go into the app and see the event. It is the notification that doesn’t work.

Nothing is working to fix this problem and I’m tired of support just throwing stuff at this to see if anything sticks.

Wyze- this is your hardware, software, application. Give us a solution or a refund.


I have 4 outdoor cams, 3 on cam plus. I get notifications in 10-15 seconds on iPhone and iPad.