Is Wyze sideloading updates to the beta app?

Is Wyze sideloading updates to the beta apps?

I notice I am getting prompted for login and have seen this with my Scout Alarm when they have sideloaded an update to the app.

That being said… I can’t access my cameras on multiple apps. I get a login screen but once I enter the MFA code it just takes me back to login

IOS 2.15.31 (2)

Wyze offline? On a 3rd device rolled back to stock app and got problem connection to server. I guess I will try my failover ISP

Nope… doesn’t work on Frontier either

If you’re having problems logging into your account it’s most likely this.

3:34 PM PT - We are working to resolve the cause of people being logged out of the Wyze app and/or having difficulty logging back in as well as the integrations not working properly. We’ll share more information as we receive it and apologize for the trouble.

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3rd ISP at another property with Bluestacks and no go

I see they are having issues


That’s it :+1:

Everything looks like it’s returned to normal at my end… From over an hour ago… Knock on wood :wink:

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