Is Wyze server down for anyone else right now?

I’m trying to login but keep getting the login error?

It says “Problem connecting to server, please try again”

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I am in right now, using it fine.

But sometimes server issues don’t affect EVERYONE…

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Everything okay for me. I have not tested logging out and in.

It says “Problem connecting to server, please try again”

I have been in and out off and on all evening and no issues. Just logged into Wyze. com and back out without issue.
I haven’t heard of any server issues either.
I just not logged out and back in via the app with no problems. It could be an issue with your ISP.
I would suggest closing your app and restarting your device and trying again. If that fails you could also try restarting your router.
Failing that, contact Wyze Support.
Live support is available: +1-206-339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT. This should give you a quick resolution, but you can also reach them online at Wyze Support.

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I’m having issues as well. It’s like I don’t have internet but everything in my house is just fine and streaming 100% except for everything that I have that’s wyze. Like I said I have 0 problems with my other devices and my familys devices wyze is the only problem.

Old thread but please note that there is a major Amazon “cloud” outage today that affected Wyze services.

My whole house has issues with wyze today. Everything is disconnected.

I get login error messages daily if I try to see my cameras when I’m away from home. Makes me want to change to another camera. I can see them when I’m connected to WiFi somewhere but not just my cellular data. And I have unlimited data plan. What gives?

Was this at play here?

No not really. I get an error message a lot. Sometimes at home. Almost always when I’m away from home trying to view videos captured.

The attached photos will show what I get a lot.
My wifi at home is excellent. It’s a one level house and I use Deco Mesh M9 to extend it the backyard. I have no other issues with my ring camera or tv and laptops.

It’s very disconcerting. Any help would be appreciated.

If we trust the message then this has nothing to do with your home WiFi and everything to do with your ability to reach Wyze and TUTK servers while using your mobile data provider. Perhaps they are blocking or limiting? Also, turn off any IP6 support.

I don’t know what IP6 support is. Any help would be appreciated.

It’s a setting in your phone’s OS but be very careful as it’s foundational connectivity.

Discussed a few places such as