Is V3 cams compatible with OG?

I currently have two V3 cams in my home and would like to add 2 more cams. Can I add 2 OG cams or do I have to keep with V3. Does it matter? I’d like to use the same app and experience…etc


All depends on what you are using them for or with. The OG’s are not compatible with the V3 Accessories and the OG requires Cam Plus to get the Video Events.

I currently have 1 V3 cam on Cam Plus, mainly to check the front driveway. These OG cams would be used to monitor inside the house. I have another V3 looking out on my backyard that gets Vid events but not on Cam Plus. Do V3’s support Vid events without Cam Plus. I can see it getting expensive if I have to put all my Cams on Cam Plus…any guidance greatly appreciated

You could put your v3 cameras on Cam Plus Lite and name your own price.

All Wyze Cams can be used in the Wyze App.

I have a set of OG Cams (one of each) and have been very impressed with their crisp image and incredibly fast load speeds.

The OG has the new Live View and SD View UI which is a major difference from the V3, but I prefer it to the old UI. The OG also has the ability to pair with a second OG so that you can do PIP and swap from one to the other. The OG S (Standard) has a built in spotlight while the OG T is the only fixed Telephoto Wyze offers.

The OG isn’t compatible with Cam Plus Lite like the V3 and it does have a different mounting base that isn’t magnetic. But, you can stack two OG Cams on top of each other and power them off of the same power adapter with the optional Stack Kit. The OG also has only one IR freequency, so there is no Near and Far setting. However, the four LEDs in that single freequency work exceptionally well.