Is this Aliexpress store legit?

So this Aliexpress store, “Wyze Exclusive Store”, was created on Apr 20: Seller Info

Is this a sanctioned store?

Could not tell you for sure, but here is a link to someone who listed the approved resellers:


I highly doubt this is legit. AliExpress has many sellers offering Wyze products.

Here is their business information

I am AliExpress ignorant. I am also pathologically untrusting and sceptical if not downright paranoid. But that’s a subject for a therapist who I won’t trust either. My ex thought I had trust issues too though. Like yeah, right.

Anyway, is AliExpress legit? My only frame of reference is eBay, which became a compete game of chance scam market, and Amazon who actually backs up what they sell with solid return policies.

I’ve seen posts with AliExpress links, but my first instinct is to avoid it. Security, scams, junk products, lack of support or mediation, slow shipping, etc., etc., etc. My brain in default mode.

So… School a noob on AliExpress please.


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I have been using AE for over 2 years. The only down side is having to wait for the slow boat from China. Usually takes about 3 weeks so if you are a ‘gotta have it right now’ type of person then AE is not for you.

They do have a lot of stuff not seen elsewhere.

Going back in my memory of stuff purchased from AE


WYZE dust bin for robot vac (one instance of a few where AE got involved). The picture clearly showed an open dust bin but what was sent was one piece. After numerous emails and photos they refunded my money.

I am into scanning police/fire/EMS and have bought many devices from them.

Got on a kick and bought a bunch of movie money and fake old coins.

Tuya Zigbee repeaters

I would trust them more than Wish who allows sellers to advertise ridiculous things like 100000 watt solar panels, 30000 mAh 18650 cells and 20000 Lumen flashlights.