Is the password for the forum the same as for the app?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Can anyone tell me if the password used to log in to this forum is the same as used for the app?

If it is not the same could you tell me where I can change the forum password?



Yes, it’s the same.

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Thanks for the reply, it is much appreciated.

I thought that it must be as I didn’t have a record of a different password.



You can have a different one for the app with two step verification

No password here

If you are having log in problems - make sure your forum account name is the same Wyze account name you think you are logging in with. In other words, its possible to use a different forum account than you use for Wyze shopping.

Thanks for all your replies - I was just sorting out my passwords and couldn’t find one for here but I do know the password for my account.

No problems logging in ( because I hadn’t logged out)

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Are you saying you don’t believe the forum requires a password?

Don’t confuse the cookie that keeps you logged in with the forum not requiring a password. Select the “Log out” option from you profile preferences and try posting something and you’ll discover one is indeed required.

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I assumed it needed a password but I couldn’t remember creating one when I joined here.

The reason I asked is that I want to change my phone because I hate this Samsung one - in going back to a Google phone with pure Android - too much clutter on a Samsung phone.

I didn’t want to get a new phone and find I couldn’t log back in here so I thought that I would check that it was the same as my account password.

Consider Motorola too. Almost stock and most models a lot less expensive than the Pixels.

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Thanks + all sorted now.