Discourse security

Is it possible to have different username/password credentials in this community forum than the Wyze camera app?

Security for the app and camera seem pretty tight, but it wouldn’t do any good if the Discourse software that runs the community form software was hacked.


Create a second User ID. Use one on your cameras and another on the forum.

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Yes. You will need two separate email addresses for registration.

That’s a fine workaround until Wyze decides to act. The OP was very polite. I’ll be more direct: the implementation choice to use the same credentials for both this community and the app, when clearly access to one should not imply access to the other, reveals something about awareness of security risks or level of commitment to protecting customers’ personal data. At worst this is a PR disaster waiting to happen. At best this is a missed opportunity to build customer trust. So far, Wyze has avoided the bad press that other camera and home assistant makers have invited on themselves. And if I had a financial stake in the health of Wyze, I’d be motivated to keep it that way. Yes, I’m a
seccurity professional, and thanks for reading.

It would make a little more sense if in the app, when you go to the forum via MyAccount=>Help & Feedback=>Forum it actually logged you in, but it doesn’t.

Also, if you try to log in, it seems to lockup in v2.0.21