Is Cam V2 detection faster than Cam Pan?

I just got my 1st Cam V2 and Cam Pan, and very exited :slight_smile:
Installed both outside looking @ my stairs.
Did some night (IR) tests, from (almost) the same position (didn’t do Day test yet).
V2 detects (green tags) after ~1 sec, and needs smaller body parts (ie arm only).
Pan detects after ~2 sec, and needs larger body parts (ie entire head) - arm will not trigger motion detection.
distance is ~ 15ft.
Both cams continousely keeps tagging my entire body as I approach the camera.

Couldnt find corresponding spec diff - but probably didnt look in the right place :frowning:

Any idea?

go into your settings on each camera and see if the detection sensitivity is similar

Both are on High Sensitivity. Moreover both FirmWare are up-to-date.
Another issue I saw is that the Pan sends the event even 3-4 min after the event, while the V2 sends it ~1/2 min after the event.

ive not heard of this being a widespread issue ( the comparison between the different cams) its a shot in the dark but turn any other cameras and devices using your wifi off. leave only one camera ( either) as the only thing besides your phone using the wifi and see if that changes the notification time. then do the same thing with the other camera. see if you have any changes at all.

Will try today. however if that was the case than you would expect the delay to devide on both cams, but as you said “a shot in the dark”…

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yeah, this is the only thing I can think of, that there might be something taking up bandwidth which would delay the upload to the cloud and thus the notification you are receiving. if noting else its just a small test that comes at the price of a little time investment. it will be interesting to see if you pin point it to one of the cameras too. that would be something the dev’s would like to see as it would almost certainly be something they are unaware of.

Sooooo… 1 WW of day & night testings
Motion detection: Pan is 6.5-7 sec SLOWER than V2
Alarm notification: Pan is 1/2-3 (yes three) min SLOWER than V2
Pan & V2 on same settings (Sensitivity, Local storage same samsung SD, Events only, firmware updated…)

It’s an issue since I’d like it to be @ my front door (no weather issue).
Pro: can talk to guest (un/wanted)
Con: probably will miss the guest

Might need to look somewhere else for a solution ($$$) :frowning: