iPad display does not rotate

Is there something I can do to get the app display to rotate? Rotation lock is OFF in control center. The bottom of the display is always where the lightening port/speakers are. So if you use a iPad pillow and are charging your device, you have to unplug it and physically rotate the device to see the image.

The Wyze app does not have a landscape mode for the interface, but should rotate to a full screen landscape view when watching video.

Did Wyze intentionally prevent the display from rotating? And if so, why? Virtually every app rotates the display so up is up, no matter if the screen is portrait or landscape, lightening port up or down, volume buttons up or down. Not allowing the display to rotate is a pain.

Not exactly intentionally but they’ve said it’s difficult for them to change. Many people have complained.

Guess I didn’t express my frustration clearly. I use a 12.9 inch iPad. It is an old one and the battery does not last as long as it used to so I keep it plugged in and on an iPad pillow/stand. So when I want to check out a camera I have to unplug it and rotate the iPad 180 degrees. Nearly every other app out there knows where up is and orients the display accordingly. Enabling a switch to landscape would help, but it is not as elegant as having the app work like it should.

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You were clear, and no one disagrees with you. They just haven’t fixed it yet. Please feel free to comment and cast your vote there on the linked Wishlist thread too.

FYI if you want to explore other solutions, the TinyCam app supports Wyze cameras well and it has landscape support. You’d need an Android tablet.

I know you’re new to the forum so I’ll let you know, the people that respondvto your questions are not Wyze employees. They are either other user’s like yourself or volunteer forum Moderators or Mavens.

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I have an older iPad which I use to view Wyze and Ring devices. Fortunately for me, if I rotate the device the Wyze cam goes into landscape full screen with no problems. The iPad is always charging.

With the exception of just a few whose names are preceded by "Wyze* and marked as Wyze team members, such as WyzeGwendolyn linked above.

I have a new 12x9 iPad, it will also rotate the images but I am lazy. I just tap the little box in the upper corner and it will change to landscape mode. This is on outdoor cam.