iOs or android? Need a quick hint

A lot of posters have questions that may be specific to the OS. But since we don’t have sigs it is difficult to accurately offer advice. Could the board be configured so if we click on the posters name AND THEY OPTED to divulge the info we could see what they are running?


I know. It is a problem. There is a partial solution already in place. If you click my name, you will see my OS info. That is the info stored in the About Me section of the profile. But it only shows in the popup if it’s one line and very short. Anything more in there and it’s hidden until you click through to the full profile. And there’s no way to force users to fill in that info.

We also tried to get people to join a group for their phoneOS. We didn’t get a whole lot of response to that. But I’m sure it would take some serious customization.

We need to see if there’s a way in Discourse to force users to answer this question and then display it in the popup profile.


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I don’t like the concept of “forcing” users. I’m on a tractor forum that has a “location” tag under their avatar that most fill out but some are adamant that it is a violation of their privacy and is dangerous.
But tractors are VERY location dependent, their are different needs for different climes and soils.

I think for this board if Wyze would have 4 boxes to select from when joining the board (hopefully 5 in the future :slight_smile: )
Prefer not to say

And then next to the avatar under the name an A, or an i, or A/i or ?

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