IOS 15.4 version of app horribly unstable - can't view vids etc

First type Wyze Cam v3 user here. First off, love the value for features of this setup but the App experience on IoS 15.4 devices in my house if horribly unstable. I installed on an old IPAD running IOS 14 and the experience is very stable. Major instability when i go to view videos, record videos, view events from cloud etc. It just hangs on the first frame of playback and app dies. I’m hopeful this is a temp set of instability issues. Note i installed on two seperate IOS 15.4 devices, cleared cache multiple times etc. Old IPAD is smooth. Please fix it Wyze team!

I have two devices using iOS 15.4 and iOS app 2.29.0 (a25) and have no issues with any video related things.

Although I primarily use the Wyze app on my Android, I have a #$%^&* iPhone 8 that has iOS 15.4 and it is running the Wyze app just fine.

interesting and super bizarre… both our 15.4 devices have been horrific (almost returned camera)… until i ran it just fine on the old ipad. Mine is a brand new install fully updated firmware etc.

So I found some additional bizarre behaviour on my 15.4 device.

Once i go into events and try to do a playback from cloud, it downloads, loads, shows the first frame then it freezes on playback starting.

I close the app and go into Apple Music or other apps and i can no longer play songs in APple music. It is if the Wyze app freezing on playback has locked up playback within entire phone!

The only way to get music playing again is to soft reset the phone. i can recreate above pattern anytime i go into Wyze and attempt cloud event playback.

Something is definitely up!

What iOS app are you using? iOS 2.29.0 is the latest. Did you set up the app to use both wi-fi and cell data? You could just delete the app and download it again from the App Store again. I’m using iPhone SE 2020 , 1.5 years old with iOS 15.4 and 4th gen 12.9 iPad on 15.4 without any issues.

After playing around some more and updating to 2.29.1 (which showed up this evening for me) I have narrowed down the issue to following

  • create a time lapse
  • stop time lapse and let it add to album
  • download/view Timelapse
  • app will show a black frame at playback and freeze up
  • even after closing app it will then have playback issues

Fix: soft restart iPhone and open Wyze app - playback will work again on the time lapse and all other videos.