IOS 15.4 Beta - App crashes

Anybody else experiencing crashes every time you try to enable AI event detection? The only thing I can think is that I’m on IOS 15.4 beta. Had a similar issue with the ESPN until they released an updated this week.

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Hi @scottjdickinson. Thank you for posting this issue. Could you reproduce this crash and then submit a log from your V3? It will be very helpful if you can post the screen recording of this crash. Thank you very much!

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In addition to the OS version you stated, what version of the Wyze app are you using?

I updated my iOS to 15.3.1 today and have no issues with anything in the Wyze app. Maybe there is something with your 15.4 Beta app is my best guess.

The screen recording file is too big to upload. Let me see if I can share a link instead.

Here is a link

Log ID: 466175

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