Integration with Vector home Security system?

I bought a new home that came with “Vector” home service and their hardware. Can some of their hardware be integrated with Wyze Cams, and the WIyze Cam+ service?

Their monthly service is $39.95. I would like to use my Wyze Cams, door/window contacts, with the Vector Qolsys Keypad. I have the Wyze keypad, but don’t like the plain look of it.

I’m assuming the answer is no, but I want to check with some experts out there and see what you all think…


Highly unlikely. Wyze is pretty much a closed system. You might be able to use the cameras (V2s and Pan Cams) with RTSP firmware, but there isn’t a version for the V3. CamPlus just records videos to the Wyze servers and processes them for AI events like people, vehicles, etc. plus provides longer recordings of motion events over the base 12 seconds. Not likely Vector could even access them. As for Wyze accessing Vector hardware, definitely no.