Integration of cameras to MyQ smart garage hub

I have the MyQ hub to allow Amazon Key Delivery. Myq wants to sell me their camera so that it will show me when the garage door is opened. Why can’t I integrate my Wyze cameras instead of a separate system? I used IFTT to sort of do this but it’s very clunky. And I’m still waiting for my chime to alert me when someone triggers my Video Doorbell Pro with motion or deliveries.

Mostly because they’re different companies and it is difficult to consistently securely support integration with another ecosystem, and often requires a lot of work from both and negotiations and such.

BUT the good news is that the upcoming matter standard may eventually resolve this. Wyze is working on supporting Matter and it is suspected that MyQ will as well. Unfortunately, Version 1 of Matter does not take cameras into account yet, so it won’t be this year. Maybe in a year or two, so for now, workarounds are the best option for any kind of integration.