Integrated bulb / floodlight and camera (not fixture)

Security Floodlight camera, maybe with a bit better camera sensor for zooming into objects.


A 120v AC powered floodlight camera incorporating a powered outdoor camera would be great. As a residential electrician/integrator I can say there would be a huge market opportunity for hardwired 120V WiFi camera system for both indoor and outdoors. Something that could easily be added to existing wiring system that doesn’t require visible power cords.


Yes Wyze. We REALLY Need to be able to Light up the yard AND record on an integrated Floodlight over Garage Door, Back Door, Cellar outside Door etc. I would totally replace 3 outdoor flood lights that had Wyze Cameras built in !! This is a NEED, not a want ! Thanks !

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Well, as they say, wish in one hand, do something else in the other, see what weighs more.
I only started this a few years ago.
I could have used more than a dozen by now.

A product I’ve been waiting for for awhile now is a security light bulb (A bulb with an inbuilt camera and microphone.) These devices already exist are are plentiful on eBay and other marketplaces however they lack software and don’t have the sort’ve quality you’d expect from Wyze.

Having these would be absolutely fantastic for monitoring my backyard and front door without having to rely on batteries or running wires through my rental. Would seriously be the best product currently on offer!



I am a little disappointed, we have been asking for this since August of 2019. If is funny you posted this, because I was going to type up another post yesterday when I had to change the lightbulb in my Floodlight and realized that the motion detector is broken. I would have changed my fixtures in 2019, but now I really need to and really wish Wyze had developed a product. Now I am forced to go look at another manufacture, which I really do not want to do. Do not want another app that I have to use to control another device. Wyze please, let us know if you are in the process of developing a Floodlight with a camera and sound.


I suggested this to them when they first announced the wyze bulb, and was just checking in to see if there was any news on possible product announcements. I’d love to see them integrate the new pan/scan v2 camera in the base of the smart bulb, with a 360 degree window around the bulb for rotation (not fisheye in the tip, rotate at the base). I’d put one in every outdoor light fixture around the house, combine the motion detection with higher intensity light from the bulb that simultaneously triggers the camera to record would make for a wonderful product. Please make this happen Wyze… and soon, we’ve been waiting patiently. It’s frustrating that they have both products but haven’t combined them yet…

Wasserstein makes a solar panel / floodlight that works with the WOC.

It arrived about 30 minutes ago. Too dark outside to mount it.

The floodlight is bright even though it is rated 400 lumens

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I’ve floodlights (BR30’s) all around the house.

A powerline bulb would solve many things.

Would like to see a Wyze bulb built in camera with wifi. This is very handy that turn the porch light into a security camera 24x7 with no worry about power connection and also become porch light at night with control from the app that can be schedule and view the video.

Turns out they sort’ve did what I requested with the lamp adapter for V3 however didn’t make one for B22 bulbs. E26 is not used in my country this the product is entirely useless. Ugh, Wyze…

Wyze Lamp socket V3 camera

WiFi Light Socket Camera - 1080P Pan Tilt Wireless 2.4Ghz 360 Degree Camera, Security Cameras with Night Vision Human Motion Detection with a Wyze V3 camera inside.
It will screw into a lamp socket to get its power.

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3 years and counting. Yet they’ve introduced a plethora of other products.

That’s my problem.

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Outside light

Would like for a light bulb camera for outside to keep track of people and packages delivered

Outdoor lightbulb camera

I wish you would come out with a lightbulb camera for outdoor use. They are out there already, but you don’t have anything. No mounting, just screw into bult socket and connect to wireless.

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Waterproof Lightbulb Camera

Hi! We were looking for outdoor cameras and we were going to of course purchase Wyze, when we ran into an outdoor Lightbulb Camera and we thought it was amazing! However it is from a Company we are not familiar with. The idea is phenomenal though… you don’t need anything other than putting the lightbulb in the sucket and just connecting it to Wifi and that is it, it works! Also, there are many out there that say “outdoor” but they are not waterproof and that’s a problem. Can Wyze please consider this idea? It could be used outdoor or indoor!

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I’ve been seeing these lamp socket rotating camera pop up and…how awesome would it be if WYZE had a camera like this? Simply screw it into a lamp socket to have a rotating camera. It’d be even cooler if the camera also included a light at the top so whether it’s mounted head-down in a ceiling can light socket or mounted head-up in a porch light fixture, it would still provide light. Just a thought…I couldn’t find that anyone else has added it to the wish list so here’s my submission.

Here’s an example of this type of camera at Amazon:

From their web site:

If you have used your Keilini Lightbulb Security Camera and were not satisfied with it, then you cannot obtain a refund.

Makes Wyze look good.

Add a V3 camera.

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Light socket cam pan

Since my drone wish hasn’t came true how about Wyze be developing a light bulb socket cam? A cam pan that screws straight into existing light socket. So it gets powered from socket. No USB cable no mounting, just screw it in, turn on socket (like a porch light socket) and feel secure.