Installing wyze on a second device

I have Wyze installed on my iPad and now I want to setup another copy on my phone. I installed the app, but can’t figure out how to setup my existing cameras on that device. It seems to want me to go through the process of making the camera discoverable and scanning the QR code again. The cameras are mounted in a hard to get to location. Is the a way of pointing the new install if the software and just adding the existing cameras ?

I have it set up on multiple devices. I don’t “add” devices on each device, just simply log in to the account and all my cameras, sensors, etc just show up.

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Just login to the app with the same credentials you used on your iPad. The devices on your iPad will then show up on your phone.

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That’s what I expected, but not what I got. It seems to recognize my account but not the existing cameras. When I log into the iPad all my cameras are there, but then logging into the phone with the same credentials shows no installed cameras.

Well, turns out that credinials WERE the problem. I had forgotten that I used a secondary email account originally. I changed the phone to that email and all is well.

Thank you for your resposes.


Multiple Wyze accounts can certainly cause problems. It’s scary when all your stuff just disappears!

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It would certainly give me pause if my camera all disappeared! No worries and glad you were able to get it sorted! :wink::wink::wink:

So far though, all my scars have been false alarms (stupid user tricks). Other than events, everything has been working as it should. Still trying to trigger an event when someone comes to the front door. It only triggers if the door is actually opened…might be a bit late. I will keep fooling with camera placement and sensitivity on that.

I have had excellent luck with the Wyze Sense Motion sensors. Pay attention to the placement of them as they see a fairly wide angle but not so much above themselves.

The problem is that we have a lot of plants on either side of the front door. The camera is a pan type and is currently mounted about 10 feet to the right of the door about 7 feet high. That might work for a pir sensor, but not for these. I have another to mount near the door and behind the foliage. Might work but not betting the farm.

Wife frowns on the idea of putting a hole in the door to stick the camera in. :scream:

I share your puzzlement over the fairer sex. For some reason many of them have an aversion to putting holes in things that don’t already have them.

In all seriousness it does sound like you are constrained by the location. The Sense sensors are small, perhaps you could attach the sensor to something decorative?