Input re. Experience with Home Monitoring System

I’m curious about experience so far with the home monitoring system.

I am currently using SimpliSafe and have been quite satisfied. But several aspects of the Wyze system are attracting my interest.

  1. Service fee
  2. Potential to use my existing cameras
  3. New sensor options

Interested in experience so far, especially with any events and how they were handled.


I too came from SimpliSafe but I had the original v1 system. I bought the one year subscription to Wyze Home Monitoring System (WHMS), so I got the starter kit for free and added additional sensors.

(I’ve also been experimenting with an RPI-3 and Home Assistant, so I can utilize the different motion and entry sensors as well. I can even have it arm and disarm automatically as I ever and leave my home area (but there are many other factors to consider before doing something live that, and it’s not recommended for everyone). You can even integrate it into Alexa scenes when using Home Assistant… But I digress.)

So far I do love the system and I find myself using it a bit more than my old SimpliSafe system. But there have been a few caveats and considerations.

I’ve been having an issue with the battery backup not reconnecting to Wi-Fi when power is restored… but I believe it’s an individual issue in my case as most people don’t seem to have a problem.

The current WHMS only offers entry and motion sensors… But they are already planning on releasing some other sensors that would match the offerings from SimpliSafe, like water sensors and humidity sensors. There’s also been some discussions of integrating glass break detection from the Wyzecams into the home monitoring system.

The one difference to keep in mind between SimpliSafe and WHMS is that simply safe has its own cellular connection so it does not rely on phone or internet for communication. Someone could literally cut the power to your house and simply safe would still communicate with the monitoring center. In the case of WHMS it relies on Wi-Fi… So if the power goes out you have a local system only.

All in all, for the difference in price as well as the added features of integrating into Home Assistant, I can’t recommend it enough. But as a potential new customer, you’ll have to keep in mind that it’s a system that is still growing and improving, and you won’t have cellular communication.

You should scan the forum Wish List category for the WHMS. There are other features missing from the initial design which have been requested by many customers. To name a few: only on PIN, only one hub/property, only one contact phone number for use by NoonLight, cameras are view only and not really part of the system.

I remember recently reading a q&a answered by Wyze, where the address almost all of those concerns, everything from the glass break to adding AI detection through the cameras to the home monitoring system to the addition of room sensors humidity sensors water sensors and more… They also said that adding more than one pin was soon to be available, as well as adding additional contact numbers and integrating the cameras.

Still trying to find the original link that I saw but here’s one that kind of covers it in more detail.

The additional functionality mentioned by @CTU.CNY is probably correct as being considered. I would only suggest that you look at the functions currently provided to see if they are adequate for your needs in the near term. I only suggest that because there is no commitment by Wyze as to exactly when any of the additional functions will be available, so you might have to work the WHMS as it is for some time.

I also purchased a kit…But will not be installing this…I don’t Trust the product and Wyze support. I have installed a Ring at a 2nd home and Love the system…Yes…Ring is a Mature Brand and it’s going to take time for Wyze to follow. My Home Security is #1 for me and I will not be a Beta Tester to Wyze Security products.

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Appreciate the thoughts…. I’ll wait awhile and let things progress.