Infrared LED reflection

From your website:

Yes, with Invisible Infrared LED

Does that mean there won’t be any reflections off of glass if I have it in a window looking outside at night in night vision mode like the original model?

No. If you place any camera behind glass and turn on the IR lights you will see a bright reflection in the window thru the IR-sensitive camera sensor.

Which camera is this quoted from? The Pan Cam uses 940nm IR lights. The old fixed V2 cam uses 850nm. Most people can see 850nm with the unaided eye. They glow red. Some people can still see the 940nm lights, but they have to get much closer to the camera because they appear much dimmer (starting to get out of most people vision range). So they call those lights ‘invisible’.


It’s on the comparison web page.

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The whole point is that humans don’t see the light but the camera DOES. So I have to assume that even the new “invisible” PanCamV2 beams are still VERY noticed by the camera when bounced off glass.