Incorrect time on live stream and super quick unexpected log outs

Hi, I’m having a problem with the live stream showing the incorrect time, it is showing 4 hours ahead of the actual time. It happens on both the app and on the web view. Also, the web view is terribly quick to log me out of the system. I hope both these items can be resolved quickly. Thank you for your time.

Hello, @alyh0503 and welcome to the forms.

Have you tried to sync the camera with your phone’s time?

to do this view the live stream for your camera then click on the :gear: icon on the top right. Then go to advanced settings, Then scroll to the bottom and you should see a sync time button.

What is your definition of terribly quick to log you out of the web view?

Thanks for the steps to update the time. I did it successfully.

It times me out within a couple of minutes. It is even worse if I look at another tab on my browser and then try to go back to the live view it will have logged me out. It will make me log in and get a code every single time. Also, the codes come from different numbers, which is annoying because now the text feed on my cell phone is filled with dozens of numbers from Wyze. I’ve never seen another company use so many different numbers to text a login code.

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