Live view and Web View several minutes behind. Normal?

So due to recent neighborhood break-ins, I’m sitting here at work with Webview open showing two of my cams. I received notifications of motion and clips were recorded but when this motion was taking place my Webview did not show anything moving even though the clock on the lower right did show the right time.

I opened the cam’s live view on the app and it also did not show anything moving even though my dog walker was going back and forth in the room and was recorded on clips.

After about 4 minutes, it finally seemed to catch up and I saw the dog walker leaving the house but during the whole 5 minutes she was inside getting the dogs ready, absolutely nothing showed up in Live View or Web View. It’s like the house was empty until it finally showed her walking out.

As I said, clips were recorded of her walking around inside and I received notifications at the exact same time that Live and Web view showed nothing happening.

This is a little concerning since I like to keep an eye on things in real time.

Also, I know the image wasn’t frozen because one of the cams is set to pan scan and it was panning, and I could also see the pendulum on a wall clock swinging back and forth. Unfortunately I couldn’t see the clock face to see if the time shown on the clock was the same as the actual time but I’m assuming it wasn’t because while the clips and notifications showed someone in the house, the Live and Web views did not.

Any ideas?

It should not be minutes behind reality - unless you have absolutely HORRIBLE network connectivity.
One thing does not gel with what you said and I want to clarify that I understood what you meant. Confirm that you have the on screen clock display enabled in the cameras. If so, that time is generated by the cameras as it records video. So I want to confirm that the on screen clock on the camera is showing correct time?

As a test, I just brought up my cameras. One of them has a WWV clock display (accurate to a milli-second or two) in the display. The on screen display was about two second behind the WWV clock, but watching the WWV clock matched my watch (also syncs with WWV every night) within less than one second.

Yes, it is the onscreen clock that shows up on the lower right of the video. I’m not sure why the live feed wasn’t showing the person and dogs moving around in my house when the clips showed them.

And go figure, now someone just walked past my outdoor cam and it did catch it in real time. No idea what was happening before but it was very strange. The clock display was not stuck but the live feed was not showing what was actually happening at that moment with either of the two cams in question.

Can’t explain that one…