Improve audio quality

Audio on the View Playback is VERY bad… it has clicks and occasional gaps every 10 seconds or so.

It makes the audio pretty much un usable. PLEASE spend some time working on the audio quality of both the live stream AND recorded playback off the SD card. It might not require Increasing the actual data stream quality (as this makes for larger file sizes) but maybe just a simple codex update and some levels/EQ tuning to human voice frequencies might help.

Please work on this. I want to buy MORE of these cameras, but I NEED THE AUDIO WORKING BETTER!


I couldn’t agree more, the audio sucksand sucks badly. I love the cameras, but I really need working audio… I currently have 3 cameras, all set to record audio, but only one records it. Technically it doesn’t even matter because you can’t hear what someone is saying even when they are right on top of the camera. And then the cutting in and out… please, please, please work on this!

Still waiting for an audio improvement quality…
Waiting since 3 month, nothing change.

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I upgraded about 10 maybe 15 days ago, firmware & app. The audio is now usable, I can hear what people are saying. Only checked my V2 cams, so not sure about v1 cams yet

Any future upgrade to audio soon? I have just purchased my v2 and another on way, but I may return seeing how the two way audio is very poor. The price is great but as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.

I agree. The audio is very bad.


Improving audio may take a hardware update. But many people are happy with their audio so you two may want to record videos and run them by customer support to make sure that your Wyze Cams are behaving as expected.

Support Request Form

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Personally. I don’t use the audio but understand it could be useful.

If I wanted to use the sound, I would like it to connect to my 5.1 surround system but I think that could increase the cost of a V3 camera. :grinning:

i will have to agree with some of the res ponces above the audio quality is not all that great i know for sure that being where my pan cam sits it can hear a lot in my home(human ears) but when viewed from work or even on the road its almost dead silent and would have to be a loud crashing sound in order to even pickup anything but my v2 (2 feet away pointed at glass window to outside) picks up audio like its right there next to the action in most cases but its muffled like if you talk into a walkie with your mouth pressed to the mic regardless of weather its inside or outside. i would love to see a separate add on for audio upgrade.

Yes Can you guys bring out an update for noise reduction cause al the camera’s have noise even when no one is home and should be quiet on the camera’s.

Using a bundle of V2 cams. I frequently use them to communicate with my children throughout the house. They constantly complain that the volume is extremely loud and scares the crap out of them, and in addition to that, they can rarely understand what I’m saying. I saw a Wyze employee mention that adjustable volume was on the road map, but that was over a year ago. Where are we at with adding the ability to adjust volume, or increase audio quality in general?

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I’m having issues with static. People can hear me. I’m having issues hearing them. I posted videos. You can hear the distortion in my wife’s voice

Welcome to the community, @ctrost. I have moved your topic to the relevant #wishlist topic. You can vote for it at the top-left. If the status tag “maybe-later” changes to “researching”, then you know Wyze is looking into this.

Just an organizational note: you may have seen that adjustable volume was on the roadmap before the roadmap was split into #wishlist and #roadmap categories. This was done, in part, because “roadmap” implied the items were actually planned and being worked on. The categories were split to better clarify the distinction.

You can read about the categories here:

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We are trying to use the Wyze Cam Pan to monitor a toddler, but when he cries the noise cancellation sometimes removes that “noise” from the audio stream. As a result we don’t hear him cry some nights. It would be nice to be able to enable/disable the noise cancellation in the app.

The above may also help with the volume but we find it quite quiet and would like the ability to enable microphone amplification in the app to get more volume out of the camera. We are concerned with hearing the toddler and not so much the audio quality.

Thanks for your consideration.

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I have several of the Cam Pans’, to help keep an eye on my 80 year old mother. Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak very clearly, or loudly, so the compression in the stream is gating her out as noise.
Having the ability to adjust the front-end gain on the microphone would be VERY handy feature! Not only could I use your product to keep an eye on mom…I could keep an ear on her, as well! :wink:


This should be the top upgrade either for current or next gen of the camera based products. From 5 feet away trying to use the v2 or pan’s as a 2 way communication device fails its usability test.

If I had known that it was this bad I would have stopped at 1 (one) not 8 (eight). I now regret my investment.



I totally agree with everything you said

Please fix…

This ADVERTISED audio feature will not be useable anytime soon. Wyze is too busy building other half baked ideas to care about their products and make them work as advertised