Image Quality ~ Sensor life

I just bought some additional V2 cameras and the image quality is noticeably sharper than the V2 cameras I purchased about a year ago. :+1:

Maybe my new cameras have the latest JXF23 sensor?

I have a background in electronics but not image sensors. Just curious if image sensors or the lenses degrade with age? If the lens is glass I doubt it would degrade.

I often wondered if my camera being hit by direct sunlight has any impact on the sensor?

Do I have a newer sensor in my latest cameras or are my first cameras aging? :thinking:

I have some older and newer v2s and I haven’t noticed a huge difference in quality. If you have photos or video from each cam where the difference is noticeable we could take a look.

I’m not sure if the capture image shows it as well as on my phone but there is a noticeable difference. So much so I swapped out all of my first cameras in important locations with cameras from the second order. :wink:

Thanks for the screenshot, I can clearly see the old cameras look hazy or clouded. If you look at the older and newer cameras lenses do they look different/cloudy?

Can you tell if that haze on the old cameras is slightly pink in tint? I had a HTC One M7 with a bad camera sensor (common issue on that model) and that’s how it started. Photos looked a bit “off” somehow (had a slightly pink hue to them), then over time parts of the image became completely washed out with a pink “haze” over the whole frame. I still have the phone, and the camera picture is still pink :slight_smile:

My first thought was maybe the outside of the lens was ‘dirty’ from forced hot air heat, central AC and static so I carefully cleaned it but no difference.

I don’t see a difference in the old/new lenses, I can take a closer look.

I didn’t notice a pink tint and everything looked normal until I viewed an image of the old/new side by side, then it was clear as day. :wink:

I’m noticing the pink tint on a cam and most of the area is washed out with a pink haze as you describe, I’m guessing the sensor is at the end of it’s life? Kind of useless now since the image is mostly haze. Time for a replacement I guess.

It looks like it might be this issue. If you’re adventurous with taking things apart, you could try to fix it yourself. Or, you could reach out to Wyze Support. If it’s less than a year old and still under warranty, they might send you a replacement.

Thanks for that link. I’ll take a look. I think the camera is over one year old.

Yep, I’d say that is the same issue. Seems more problematic when using the cam for outside monitoring. Thanks again.