Deteriorating Image Sensor

I have some cameras that the picture is getting very distorted and a power reset doesn’t help. Why does the camera look so bad (both in the recordings and live stream) and how can it be fixed? See attached screenshot- the image is discolored and is chopped up.

How old is the cam? I’ve one V2, activated 04/2019 that has been in a sun facing window and is starting to have some color problems.

It’s about 1.5 to 2 years, not old, and it has always been there, out of direct sunlight.

IHS, MNDudek

I’ve seen this on V2s as well. It’s an issue with the actual image sensor. When I bought a new one, I swapped the image sensor board from the new camera into the old one to check, and it worked perfectly. I think it might be from the sun, if I run the damaged sensor in a dark location, the problem goes away.

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I’d agree with others, looks like an image sensor issue. I’m not sure if support will be Elbe to replace this because it is older then a year. You may be able to use this camera somewhere else that only needs black and white video, like a crawl space or basement.